Shades of a Warrior

“Amazing.” – Tammy, B., Librarian.

“Terrific! Ready for submission!” – Lenny G., Founder and Owner of independent NYC bookstore.

“You are the funniest writer I know.” – Amy R., Writer.


In the dark forests of northern Minnesota, somebody is breaking into homes, and some thing is devouring farm animals. When a person gets killed, 15-year-old BJ Maki’s dad, the local Conservation Officer, is tasked with capturing or killing it. If he doesn’t, his job is toast. While accompanying his dad to an investigation site, a bullet passes through the truck window, and BJ realizes how dangerous the situation is.

When BJ crawls out of a hidden cave, a primitive Ojibwe village sits where his home used to be. Guided by an ancient Trickster, BJ travels back and forth in time, learning the arts of tracking, survival, and awareness. BJ believes he will use his skills to help track down the mysterious predator, and save his father’s job. In the end, he saves more than a job, he saves a life—that of the person most dear to him in the world: his own sister.

With the help of an Italian mafioso, a hipster FBI agent, a mythical lumberjack, a singing walleye, and an Ojibwe Trickster, BJ learns that there are many ways to help one’s community, that there are many Shades of a Warrior.

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