DSC_0062Robert is a teacher, an EMT, a volunteer Emergency Medical Responder, storyteller, coach, actor, community volunteer, activist, and stay-at-home dad. He has traveled throughout the Americas and Canada, visited western Africa, and climbed to the summit of Mount Rainier. He has worked in the tomato fields of Mexico, dodged muggers in Paris, and danced Flamenco in Seville. He can track a deer through the woods, tan hides with his bare hands, and start a fire with a bow drill. After years of raising three kids at home, his back is sore, his self-esteem is rock-solid, and his ego, long gone. He lives in the woods of northern Minnesota with twenty chickens, two large dogs, three medium-sized children, and one small—and amazing—wife. He is fluent in three languages and not too bad in a couple of others, including Ojibwe.

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