Tales From Gitchigami

Shades of a Warrior


“Amazing.” – Tammy, B., librarian.

“You are the funniest writer I know.” – Amy R., writer.

“Terrific! Ready for submission!” – Lenny G.,  NYC bookstore founder and owner


13 year-old BJ Maki expects a summer of TV, video games, and hanging out with his friends. What he gets is a Trickster, a magical cave, and the return of an evil spirit so terrible, the Ancestors avoided even mentioning its name. This summer, ignorance is no longer an option, participation no longer a question, and survival no longer a guarantee.

Here I am, tossing boiling water into the -30F air in Bemidji, MN. I hope you enjoy it and hope you continue to follow my writings.

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Scene Safe!

Scene Safe!

85 year old male, broken leg. That’s what the pager said and I didn’t have much reason to doubt it. Some pages are more vague, such as Male lying in ditch or Unresponsive child. I’ve driven a gazillion miles an hour to Elderly female, no pulse to find her, eyes wide...

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On your mark, get set…

Query and submission time. Shades of a Warrior is done. Again. This morning I reorganized some of the folders on my computer and saw that the first test query was sent out...six years ago. I went back to the drawing board immediately. Those agents and editors were...

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