The Return of Nanabojo

The Return of Nanabojo is the second book in the Tales From Gitchigami Series. Amy, Elmer’s Ojibwe niece, has moved in next door. She is often quiet, sometimes moody. The Makis embrace her, but her relationship with BJ is uneven and rocky. Windigos begin to infiltrate Big Marsh, disguised as locals. They are very interested in the activities of the Maki kids. Larry Sourmeister returns, having somehow avoided jail or even a trial. He appears to be planning something. When a friend of the Makis disappears under suspicious circumstances, BJ uses his skills as a tracker to try to solve the mystery. Although his abilities are improving weekly, he still needs the sense and fighting spirit of his little sister, Charley. There seems to be much going on beneath the surface of the snow in Big Marsh, Minnesota. Just when it seems things couldn’t get any crazier, Nanabojo, the Great Trickster, makes a triumphant, if ridiculous, return. BJ, Charley, and Amy work to solve the mystery of their missing friend, but the more they unravel, the more they become a threat to the forces gaining strength around them. Will Nanabojo be of any help? Will Russ, the giant lumberjack? Come back to Big Marsh, Minnesota, where your favorite characters have more heart-stopping, fast-paced, adventures in store for you–in The Return of Nanabojo!

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